We’re in the business of taking care of your car, but we also strive to be good stewards of our planet.

Oil Changer provides the services and parts that keeps vehicles operating at peak efficiency. Our convenient facilities are designed and operated with the environment in mind.


Our biggest waste stream is used motor oil drained from our customers vehicles. California generated 153 million gallons of used lubricating oil in 2005. Only 91 million gallons (59%) was recycled, making California a significant contributor to the estimated 200 million gallons of used oil disposed of improperly each year in the U.S.

Getting your oil changed with us not only ensures your oil is recycled properly, it preserves a finite and valuable resource. We partner with companies that re-refine lubricants to be reused as lubricants. Working with a local re-refiner also means less emissions used to transport used oil. 82% of our stores are within 30 miles of the re-refinery.

Oil Changer has partnered with the State of California for over twenty years to collect used motor oil from the public. All 34 locations are Certified Collection Centers where used oil and filters are accepted at no charge for proper disposal.

All 34 of our locations are located in California in 3 major markets you will find our locations in the San Francisco Bay Area, Fresno & San Diego.
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Did you know that one gallon of used motor oil can contaminate 1 million gallons of fresh water - a year's supply of water for ᴸ50 people?
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